Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy thoughts for the day :)

"The world is a beautiful book, but of little use to him who cannot read it."

Thankyou Korean stationery. So close to perfect English too. But still a sweet thought :)

I also like that one of the popular notebooks this year which says "English notebook" on it is about travel advice for Italy, one point of which says "Learn some basic but important Italian phrases as English are not widely spoken in Italy." Other inspiring notebook blurbs are "Life is a game that tests our tenacity. Thus failure in your youth is nothing. There are opportunities for us everywhere. And this means you can become successful!" and "True love is when you have to watch a friend leave, with the knowledge that you might never see him again." Also, "English holic: people, even more than things, have to be restored, renewe revived, reclaimed and redeemed. Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you'll find one of the end of your arm!"

Less inspiring but funnier (to me anyway) is the graffiti stuff written in my kids' notebooks as I mark their homework. Today's favourite: monkey sorry yo!!! 뭔키써요? 뭔 개소리야!! [did you say monkey? what the hell are you talking about??] balle panty!! 발레 팬티 한국어로 ??? [what is ballet panty in korean??]

It's nice to know that if I ever feel depressed I can just browse a stationery store to make myself feel better ^_^

In other news, the actual content of the writing homework! Last week I asked 2nd grade to write 1/3 of a page (about 4 or 5 lines) about something new or surprising that they learned recently and how it made them feel. They could talk about a new food they tried, a new friend they made, a new teacher they have or something they read in a book or saw on TV. These are my favourites so far. And yes, next lesson we're going to have a talk about not using a computer/internet translation program!

This is what it feels like finding these stories while checking HW
Today is Saturday, 26th of March.
I learned something new.
It feels different depending on who is a full head of hair.
When the severed lot very awkwards bangs.
That seems to be a very embarrassing

There are many friends in my class who look similar as other animals. Su-In looks like a bear and Bo-Yeong looks like a squirrel. Ye-Seu looks like a fish and Ji-In looks like a rabbit. Everyone looks cute

진우: Title - About teacher (home class)
(Our) new teacher(‘s) name is 김광영. He is (a) science teacher. His jokes is not funny. But he is very kind and handsome. My teacher very good teacher.

Today is my younger sibling motion’s birthday. The breakfast ate the seaweed soup and the cake together. I to distinguish the fist with the futures cried like that. Beggar a same tear. Afterwords that tastefully ate the cake and the rice. The shank rim to be many was gre(a)sy too a little. Was and to eat came out and the school went. <<< this one was really hard to correct! I had to give up on parts of it :s

Today I know a new animal. Maybe you call it ‘monster’. Its name is ‘Mongolian deathworm’. It’s a very big worm. This terrible worm lives in the Gobi Desert. Usually it hides in the sand but people walk on the sand, it eats them. It is very terrible. I can’t believe that.

And my favourite, by Min-Seong: <About my new friends>
I started new semester. By the way one friend caught my eye’s. His name is Pyohyeon Soo. I liked him. So I try to talk. Well he is answer me. He is very kind and really good friend. So I want to be familiar with him. If he and me are become familiar we will good friends. I really like him because his idea and my idea are almost the same and his sense of humour is good and his character is perfect. His style is my favourite style.

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