Thursday, March 24, 2011

Just Another Thursday~~~

Playing Gummi bears trivia with my class of students being prepared for various English-ability contests (so pretty high level). In this, they are allowed to pick up to 8 gummi bears each. After they have all chosen, I tell them that to eat them they must tell me one thing for each coloured bear.

Green: your hero and why
White: tell a story/sing a song/tell a joke
Pink: a good memory
Red: something about yourself that not many people know
Yellow: a future dream you have for yourself
Orange: somewhere you want to travel to and why

Sung-Ho and Dae-Ho were immediately suspicious and only picked three or four, but the others (of course) took the full 8. Here are some of the funny results:

Ju-Song: "I went to Jeju and had a good time. It was very fun with good times. We went to Dragon Head Stone. It was very fun time because I ate a lot."
Gi-Hwan: "My hero is Gil-Hyeon (the boy that Gi-Hwan sits next to) because he is tall and very handsome and speaks good English."
Seung-Ho: "Three women have die and go to heaven and it is full of duck(s). St Peter says you must walk to the other side and not step on (the) duck. They walk but one woman steps on (a) duck. St Peter brings (an) ugly man and says you must to marry him! Two women keep walking but one steps on (a) duck. St Peter bring one more ugly man and says you must to marry him! The third woman walks across and there are lots of duck but she does not step on it. At the end, St Peter comes and brings a handsome man and says you must to marry him! She says to him why must I marry him? He says because he stepped on a duck."
Seo-Yeong: "As you know, I have a twitter account. I went online yesterday and talked to my friend in America. She asked me where I live and I said South Korea. She said O-M-G - that is OHMIGOD!!!!! for the rest of the conversation. (The end.)"
And of course the token cute student response from Yeong-Seo: "My hero is Amy because she is kind and teaches us English well." (Cue massive "RAHHHH!".)

And happy birthday to Dad! As he said "Next year I'll be 21 again for the 3rd time!"

**I just realised that I forgot the funniest story! Yeong-Seo again, with a pink gummi bear: "My good memory is yesterday. Because I took a shower with my father." O_O kahahahahaha~ ^^
I thought he might have meant at a mokyoktang/jjimjilbang but nope, he said it was at home, and it was good because his dad scrubbed his back for him. I was a nice teacher and didn't laugh but the others thought it was hilarious! Classic Yeong-Seo ^_^

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