Friday, March 11, 2011

So Long Orange Sneakers!

Thomas Orr's Middle School English 2, Chapter 1: So Long Orange Sneakers! part 1)
Publisher: Cheonjae Education (천재교육)

Content: frequency and food. Powerpoints, lesson plans and supporting worksheets.

part a) Lesson plans for the warm up and preliminary to the main frequency lesson (I have two co-teachers for 2nd Grade and am teaching writing with  Ms Kwon as well as listening and speaking but not for Ms Kim, and I already did the introductions game with class 2-3 so that's why there are three.)

part b) Lesson plan for frequency (Microsoft Word docx file) and the calendar template for the activity.

Yet to post part c) as I haven't quite finished the proper lesson plan for it yet.
Also, some powerpoints that I used to teach this chapter last year - haven't gotten around the editing them yet though so you might have to fix them up. L1 So Long Orange Sneakers! Warm Up and L1 So Long Orange Sneakers! Listen In + AB1. Hope this is useful to anyone looking for ideas!

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