Friday, March 11, 2011

Weekend = sleeeeeeeep

Since it's 3.20pm on a Friday afternoon, I am clearly not going to be getting any real work done in the next 70 minutes, so I'm going to amuse myself otherwise.

Random music video of the day: Muhan Dojeon (무한 도전, translated as 'Infinite/Infinity Challenge'), which is a comedy sketch kind of program where the six (sometimes seven) members are given different challenges, most of which they aren't well suited for, dancing to 'We No Speak Americano. I'm betting Lara will like Park Myeong-Su's hilarious 'Mexican' get-up, although if you're a follower it's also fun just seeing what Noh Hyeong-Cheol looks like with normal coloured hair instead of his usual bleached dye-job - this must have been made shortly before/after his wedding when his fiancee made him dye it for the photos. I'm holding out hope that one day I can find the DVDs of this show, even if they don't have English subs, because it's really funny stuff and it's quite good if you're studying Korean because they use lots of subtitles and little speech thingies so you can figure out what's going on if you can't understand just from listening.

Can't embed it unfortunately, but here's the url:

Ok, going to watch an episode of "Misfits" (which is also funny, mostly because Nathan is such an arse) and maybe have a cup of tea. Lovely.

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