Friday, April 8, 2011


Neil Gaiman, that's who. AND Doctor Who too to be precise! I am so freakin' excited to see this episode ("The Doctor's Wife) I really do feel like a geek :p What makes it even better is that I heard about this ages ago and completely forgot, and then remembered over a conversation with a friend, and then read a new post from Neil Gaiman's blog and looked it up to find out that it's premiering in America on April 23rd. I haven't managed to find it anywhere else online (YET!) so I'm assuming that's also the world premiere. And you know what? I think one of the reasons that this is so exciting, despite being American, is that they've actually taken the show and shot it in America rather than an American TV network taking it and "Americanising" it (i.e. changing it completely and turning it into rubbish) like they did with Coupling and Red Dwarf (neither of which made it past three of four episodes) and which I believe is currently happening to Skins. Anyway, exciting stuff!

Also, the new thing I learned this week was about the game called "hamburger" in which students (ok, boys) see how many people can dogpile on top of each other. Last time I saw my 2nd year students doing it they only got to about 6 people before we walked in and my co-teacher at the time Ms Shin (who is normally pretty calm and mild with the kids) went ballistic, making them do that downwards facing dog punishment in the corridor where they have to balance on their knuckles (luckily we have lino here, not just concrete) for 15 minutes and gave them a good scolding that actually left some of them in tears. This time, it got to about 14 people before I arrived but they very quickly all got up and went back to their seats when I walked in and yelled at them. Unfortunately, I didn't realise that the person on the bottom had been one of the tiniest boys until I saw him sitting with his head down on his desk, red as a beetroot, doubled up in pain and sobbing in that awful way you do when you can't breathe. Eventually the others explained and I sent him off to the nurse's office, and gave the others a good telling off for being little ratbags (in English unfortunately but I think they got the point). Then my co-teacher Ms Yun turned up and having passed the poor kid on her way up and gotten the story from his friend, launched straight into "angry Korean teacher" mode. Ms Yun gives the best tellings off - she works her way up from them being immature, then goes to disappointment and finishes with a good ole "what would your parents think of you behaving like this?" before demanding an explanation from the usually now sniffling student. If they've been really bad this is usually where she gets out her ruler and whacks them across the palm of the hand, but she usually doesn't even need it. Anyway, I think the bottom bun hamburger boy was eventually ok. Hopefully it won't happen again, or at least they'll do it to someone a bit less fragile.

Anyway, uh, what's a positive note to end on? ... well, it's Friday! That always makes me happy. In fact, that's my example sentence for 1st grade at the moment to talk about feelings and giving reasons in Ch 3 - I feel ____ because .... (I feel happy because today is Friday!) It's also been a pretty nice day (I power-walked home in 2nd period to get my camera for Paige for our students in the speaking contest and quite enjoyed it) with plenty of sunshine. I'm going to go to Homeplus and stock up on tonic and fresh lemons (no limes here ㅠ_ㅠ) so I can have a gin and tonic to help me through my Korean homework (thanks Costco for the gin!) of which I have an absurd amount. Lovely (the G&T not the homework) ^_^

Have a good weekend all!

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