Thursday, April 7, 2011

Monkey business and capital punishment

Haha this ad made me laugh when I saw it on TV so I had to share it - a monkey doing sit ups! Did you ever see such a thing? Hehe ^^

Had my Ban Ki Moon speaking contest preparation class today, which is always fun because it's with the top scoring students from 2nd and 3rd grade with the best speaking skills, and they are all also my favourites ^^ As part of the class, they each have to do a short presentation on whatever topic they'd like, preferably with a PPT presentation to accompany it. In the past, this has included gaming addiction, soccer, going to New York (a trip there is the prize for the BKM contest this year to meet the man himself) and favourite movies. There are two people presenting each week, and this week was Seung-Ju and Seung-Ho who are also incidentally brother and sister. Seung-Ho's was pretty good but nothing revolutionary, just talking about arguments for and against school uniforms. Seung-Ju however got up and announced "My topic today is the death penalty or todesstrafe" ('death penalty' in German) O_O Seung-Ju, who is quite lovely and usually pretty quiet and meek then proceeded to argue for the maintenance and use of the death penalty, beginning her PPT with a graphic picture of someone with a sack over their head being publicly hung.

My favourite line: "many say that death penalty is against human rights, but I say murderers already broken human rights by killing someone, and also by indirectly killing victim's family with grief. So we must give them death penalty to make justice."

We always have a quick discussion afterwards so I suggested that in that case, doesn't that mean you are indirectly murdering the murderer's family? Seung-Ho promptly disagreed, arguing that murderers always come from bad families, and anyway, usually they have no family or they kill their family. I tried not to laugh and asked then what they considered to be the most humane method of execution - these days it's usually lethal injection, the electric chair or gassing. Another student, Juri shouted "Death by gun! You should shoot them. Or kill them like they kill other people! That is justice." I pointed out that this was probably didn't count as execution and count as representing a public decision because only one person would do it, and Seung-Ho agreed... only to suggest that instead we should hang them like in the picture with the bag over their head but with everyone watching so that they would feel like they were being executed by them all.

At this point I decided we were done with discussion and changed the subject.

For the rest of the lesson, I gave them some lateral thinking puzzles. There were some interesting and logical (if not actually correct) answers. These were my favourite responses to a few questions (I gave them 10).

1. A man who lives on the 12th floor of an apartment block catches the lift down every day to work. On the way home, he gets in the lift, and if it's raining, or if there is someone else in the lift, he goes straight home. If not, he gets out on the 6th floor and walks the rest of the way. Why?

Best answer: Because it's a very slow lift, but he can kill the other people and then it will go faster. Or maybe he just likes to kill people.

2. There is a man living in a small town who marries 20 women in one day. No-one thinks this is a problem and all the women are happy. Why?
Answers: Because he is a polygamist/ Because there are only 21 people in the whole town/ Because he is a very lucky man.

3. A man wearing a backpack lies dead facedown in the desert. There are no footprints nearby or signs of other people. How did he die?
Answers: Because he is a Muslim. He went out to pray and suddenly died./ He is thirsty.

4. A woman gives birth to two boys at the same time on the same day in the same year, but the boys aren't twins. Why?
Best answer: Because they were one boy with two faces.

Oh and in great news, the 5 students from my school that were entered in a different essay/speaking contest last week (who are also all from this class) ALL made it through the essay stage to the speech stage which is tomorrow. Frankly that's a relief since I had to edit (i.e. write/decode/heavily re-write) ALL of their essay speeches in between my normal work and marking writing homework for four classes (about 120 students) in only three days last week so I would have probably been rather upset if none of them had made it through. They all came up with their own ideas though so I'm really proud of them and although I can't go with them tomorrow (unfortunately I have class), I'm sure they'll kick butt! My co-teacher Paige who is going with them has promised to keep me updated so I'll have my phone in hand all afternoon. Good luck guys! 화이팅! ("Fighting!") ^_^

P.S. To everyone in Korea, hope you guys stayed in and out of the radiation rain today! I heard about it on Tuesday, and asked the students in one of my 1st year classes yesterday what they thought of it (we happened to be talking about the weather). One of the boys gravely told me that I should not go outside because it would make my baby deformed and another told me that it would make my skin peel off. Great stuff!

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