Friday, November 12, 2010

Some random goodies from my students

Category 1. Practicing giving compliments to each other with the 2nd years (~15yo):
"I like your face."
"You are curly. Very beauty." (=You have beautiful curly hair)
"You wear dead animal skin. Very fashionista!" (=Your fur jacket is very fashionable)
"Your face is no good. But your personality very kind!"
"You look like a dog. Very cutie!"

Category 2. Asking the 1st years (~14yo) to tell me something surprising:
Gems from the boys -
Student A: You know what? My friend Jong-Woo is a traffic light.
Student B (Jong-Woo): Really? What a surprise!

"Guess what? I see Do-Gyun wearing hot panties!" (=I saw Do-Gyun wearing short shorts)
"You know what? My friend Do-Gyun has a cucumber face. He look like cucumber."
"Guess what? Do-Gyun is a dog."

And from the girls -
"You know what? I am a dog."
"Guess what? I saw Mina only come school with bra panties!" (=Mina came to school in only her underwear!)
"You know what? I saw Amy teacher wearing short pants and short shirt and eating many sundae and ice-cream!" (sundae is a kind of black pudding sausage filled with blood and noodles).
"Guess what? Amy teacher is a man!"

Category 3. Class 2-8: my favourite class because they are outrageously funny, but also my biggest headache because they are so noisy and widely acknowledged as the 2nd year class with the worst behaviour (they are boys of course). There are some amazingly good students in the class though, and their sense of competition always helps my lessons along.
Things they say to either say hello or get my attention in class:
"Wassup yo?"
"Hey baby!"
"Sexy teacher!"
"Hello Indian teacher!" (I was wearing a floor length hippie skirt)
"Mr Amy!/Mr Jenkins!" (this is not a mistake, this is entirely on purpose)
"Miss Tiger Woods!/Miss Obama!" (after coming back SLIGHTLY more tanned over summer)
"Hey you!"
"I love you!"

Complaints from the noisiest of the horde, Gyeong-Hun (usually when I try to ignore him or tell him that his answer is wrong):
"Teacher! Why don't you love me?"
"Teacher! Why can't we play a game? You don't worry about our exam score, we are all genius!"

Talking about our interests:
Question: if I am interested in music, I might want to be a what?
Answer: "Jesus!"

Category 4. Random:
And in a follow up to the dinosaur cartoons, I had my 1st year conversation class do some too, but had to explain why they shouldn't call one of the dinosaurs "Homo the Dinosaur" and that in fact it was "Homer Simpson", not "Homo Simpson".

This stuff is why I love my students! ^_^

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