Friday, November 19, 2010

A chuckle a day keeps the teacher enjoying her job.

So I believe that I have mentioned before how some of my 2nd year (15yo) boy students say "Hey baby!" to get my attention? This has now spread to another class, who has moved it onto a new level ... of hilarity. To get the rest of his class to shut up, one of my students decided to call them baby. Collectively.

Me: "Be quiet please. Jeong-Woo, please shut up."
Gwan-Mo: "Hey! BE QUIET BABY!"
Me: .... *laughing my head off*

**five minutes later**
Me: "Boys, this is what I want you to do for this activity."
Gwan-Mo: "HEY BABIES! PAY ATTENTION AND SHUT YOUR FACE!" (I taught them that accidentally).
... cue more uncontrollable laughter.

Oh and the student who started the whole "Hey baby" thing, Yeong-Seoh, once again displayed his amazing talent to make me laugh (thus disrupting the class because they think me laughing is hilarious, so really quite a clever tactic). He's actually quite a good student - in my classes anyway. Previously, when practicing advice for "what should I do when I'm tired?" with his class, Yeong-Seoh suggested that I a) get a haircut like his so that we could be friends or b) go home with him. Today, we were talking about where we wish we could go in the world and what we wish we could do. Yeong-Seoh's sentence: "I wish I could go to Australia and see your house." You gotta admire his persistance.

Other answers from today (all boys classes I'm afraid) included:
"I wish I could go to London and see bigban."
"I wish I could go to England and fight Harry Potter, I steal his broomstick."
"I wish I could go to Italy and see perfect pisa." (I'm not sure if this was supposed to be 'eat the perfect pizza' or 'see the Leaning Tower of Pisa')
"I wish I could go to Japan and see girls."
"I wish I could go to french and see apple tower."

The boys come up with some of the funniest stuff ^__^

Oh and on another topic, food! Koreans love to eat. Koreans also love to share food. We don't really have specific morning tea times, but if someone brings food, they usually bring enough to share with everyone. Also, if someone is celebrating something like buying a new car or a promotion, they usually celebrate by giving some sort of snack to everyone in their office/school. This can range from vitamin drinks, yoghurt, biscuits, cake, corn, boiled potatoes, anything really. But today really took the cake (and then went back for more). There must have been a lot of good luck going around, because I came back to my desk at lunch after having four classes straight all morning to find two mandarines, a rice cake stick (ddok) and another sizeable chunk of sweet rice-cake. A usual portion is about the size of a quarter of a brick. This is not to mention the snacks from earlier in the week that I didn't finish, so I also have another mandarine, a boiled egg, a cheesestick, a chocopie and countless random lollies and caramels in my desk drawer. Stuff I actually finished during the week were two cups of Korean cinnamon tea, two chunks of sweet rice-cake and three mandarines. Not that I'm complaining! But I'll definitely have to force myself to go to the gym next week. Usually I pass some of this stuff onto my kids, but I do have a lot left over today. Guess I know what's for dinner tonight!

Also, just to see you through the weekend, some more random funnies from my latest new favourite cartoon "The Non-Adventures of Wonderella" (yes I totally leeched this from Neil Gaiman's blog). If it makes you feel any better, or you think you have a depressingly empty weekend ahead of you, don't look at them until tomorrow :)

because it made me giggle

my job. every day.

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