Thursday, November 11, 2010

Reason #1 for blogging - my students :)

So I am currently doing a topic on stories and writing with the students in my 2nd year conversation class (I'm teaching at a middle school, so they're aged around 14 or 15) and thought it would be good practice for them to write in the dialogue for some blank cartoons. These are some of the most hilarious results.The last two are a bit hard to read so I have included their scripts.

Dialogue #1 by Sally and Sophia

Dialogue 2 by Jisu and Hyeon-Jeong.

Jon: Eat, Garfield!

Jon: Eat quickly.
Garfield: No, no, it's bad.

Garfield: YOU eat this food.

Jon: Thanks, but I don't like this.
Garfield: What?!!

Garfield: You must eat this food right now!

Jon: No. No. Oh my god.
Garfield: Eat. Eat!!
Woman: They look very happy.
Other neighbour: Yes. I envy them.

And last is my favourite, simply because it is the funniest, saddest, sweetest and most poignant of the lot.
Dialogue #3 by Burger King and Iron Man (the English names two of my boys chose for themselves and didn't want to change, even after I started using them in their regular classes too).

Dino 1: I'm hungry!

Dino 1: Oh! I find a food!

Dino 1: You are my friend.
Dino 2: What??

Dino 2: I eat you!
Dino 1: Oh god! Help me!

Dino 1: I want peace.
Dino 2: Shut up!

Dino 1: **cries**

ㅋㅋㅋ my after-school conversation kids are brilliant ^_^

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  1. hey where'd you get those comics with blank word bubbles? i'd love to use those for winter camp pleeeeeeaaassseeeee!!! JE-SAY-YOOOOOO!