Thursday, September 1, 2011

A response to a theoretical situation reflecting Korean family life

Me: if your apartment was on fire in a contained way that affected no other apartments in your block (had to change this from 'house' after too many arguments), and you could only save one thing, what would it be?
Gi-Hwan: My mother.
Me: What about your father? You wouldn't take him too?
Gi-Hwan: No, because he would be at work.

Good point.

Oh and just for the record, class with 2-6, while still moderately stressful, was actually what I would consider good! We got through all the work and only had to stay back 5 minutes after class ended and lunch started to wring three word answers out of two boys. Eun-Jong is still a nightmare (he spent ten minutes trying to hold the hand of the boy sitting next to him, got up and tried to walk out of the class 25 minutes in, and screeched like a hawk at the top of his voice) but I only had to tell him off three times which must be a new record. I think part of this is because it's become a bit of a class joke about how often I tell him off, so everytime I yell "EUN-JONG!", the rest of the class does it too at the top of their voices. Anyway, I now have no more classes today, so I'm going to try and study my Korean, classes for which are starting again this Saturday (10am - 12pm at the Cheongju YMCA)... and possibly watch an episode of Jersey Shore. teehee^^


  1. +1 Funny because of the father thing.

    -1 for J.S :p

  2. don't hate on the Shore. if it weren't for them, the rest of the world might never appreciate it's own intelligence :p