Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Getting Jiggy!

I love how random Korean variety shows are, especially on MBC, which I like because they often subtitle stuff or add captions which makes it easier (for me) to understand. The morning stuff that I turn on as I get ready for school is usually re-runs and repeated every couple of days, which actually helps since it gives me a few goes at understanding what they're saying. One of my favourite shows is called 'I Love Pet' (of course!). Terrible English I know, but it's cute and easy to watch. Anyway, this morning, one of my favourite episodes came on - it's actually from last year, but being randomly repeated, and supports the idea that you can make anything a TV show. In this episode (or part of it seeing as the first bit was about a fat English bulldog that was in a play), the producers decided to make an idol group look after a raccoon. Sound odd? Yep, it really was. Especially since a) they initially only told the boys in the group (푸커즈 or F-Cuz/Focus) that they were getting a new female 'friend' and they thought that one of them was going to be on 'We Got Married' (a show where they pair two K-stars who have to pretend to be married and act as a couple). Seeing as the boys were only 18 and 19 at the time and they probably don't have enough time to have a girlfriend normally, they were thrilled! Less so when they got to the zoo and the raccoon was brought out - one of them actually pretended to beat up their manager.Oh and b) since they're so young, and Koreans (particularly idols) aren't as close-minded about gender-norm-based behaviour (i.e. they do cute stuff without it being considered gay), the stuff they do to the raccoon is ridiculously adorable! Like dress it up in little outfits, get upset when one of the others steals it away, feed it , make it dance, make it a little sand-bunker at the beach complete with umbrella and milk bowl, etc. Anyway, the one showing this morning was the first show (I think there are four in total but I could be wrong), but my favourite is the second which will hopefully be next week, because one of them, Kan, decides that Jiggy (the raccoon, named after their debut song) needs a wash. So naturally, rather than bathe it, he takes it in the shower with him. I couldn't find the episode online anywhere (I didn't search particularly hard) but I did find a bunch of GIFs from the episode from a blog about Kan (it's actually Lee-U or Ye-Jun in most of the photos though I think). Unfortunately the blog owner seems to be a bit precious about sharing so you'll have to go there to see them yourselves. I particularly like the 9th one - captioned (translation) "No! It's my Jiggy!!" ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ They are such dorks^^ If you want to see an episode of this ridiculous concept, there is a blog with the 3rd episode that I similarly can't repost here. There aren't any subtitles, but you'll get the idea. Oh and the video for the actual song, 'Jiggy', which I find to be hilarious as I've never heard "Getting jiggy" sung in such a sweet and upbeat way before. Unless it means something different in Konglish, this is probably more evidence of the need for native English speakers in the Korean pop industry :)


P.S. And yes, they are dancing in a blue shower room in one of the scenes. After all, why not? ^_^


  1. I read this while sitting at work and went to check out the blog with the little video clips of the racoon in the shower. ZOMG!!!! So so so adorable. I had to share it with Andrew (who sits next to me) and we were awwing over it (and the boy) for a good few minutes. I WANT TO SEE THAT EPISODE!!!

  2. haha i'll have to search harder for it then!