Friday, September 23, 2011

Justin Bieber is incredibly fat.

Had to share this. Checked my emails this morning to find a new (very late) response to my post a while ago about a funny fat Justin Bieber photo circulating and the devastation this was having on tweenage girls everywhere. It went as follows: Jerk justin"s not fat u r!!!!!

From this response (posted anonymously), I believe I can conclude two things. One: the poster is about 12, at least mentally; and two: the poster is very new to the internet, as they have obviously never seen this photo or heard of trolling before, and are having problems dealing with the shock. Oh and actually, make that three, the poster either has never heard of punctuation and spelling before, or else hates it with a vengeance and is seeking to punish it by ripping it to shreds. They also apparently can't read, as it's very clear in the post that I didn't make the photo myself. All of these factors combined don't make a very good argument for Justin Bieber fans, I have to say, so well done Anonymous Coward, you have really helped your cause there.

Which leads me to the point of this post - please do NOT post comments as Anonymous without putting a name somewhere there or at least some indicator of who you are. They annoy the shit out of me and unless extremely stupid to the point of ridicule like this one, will be deleted. And as always, the perennial blogger's question: if you don't like what you see, why the frick are you looking at it?

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