Thursday, July 14, 2011


A classic email from T-Bo (who likes his privacy, hence remaining otherwise unnamed) to brighten my morning.

"I teach English at a Korean elementary school. In a presentation today I used this picture of Justin Bieber and convinced them it is real. Now the entire 5th grade thinks this is what he actually looks like now. The girls aren't taking it well."

Hehe ^^

Thanks T-Bo! BTW if there is a better nickname you'd prefer, let me know. (By 'better' I automatically exclude "T-dog".)


  1. Just call me Uncle T-bag!

    (Please don't call me that)

  2. Jerk justin"s not fat u r!!!!!

  3. lol whoever anonymous is, are you serious? what a great response and such a brave way to do it. *applause* from the nature of your post, i must conclude that you a) are about 11, at least mentally, and b) have never been on the internet before. well done.