Friday, July 8, 2011

K-pop your peepers over that

Oh and one more quick blog for the weekend, I read this on the blog Sociological Images and most heartily agreed. Also, James over at the Grand Narrative has done two particularly good posts recently - the first on the 'oppa' issue in K-pop, the second his usual address of various issues - read numbers 1, 2, 6, 7, 9 and 10 and the referenced articles in particular (if you have the time). The one on abortion in Korea is especially interesting, as it is probably not something that is commonly even known as illegal (probably due to the negligible attempts at sex education in Korea - see number 9) and it is certainly not something that is commonly discussed. I don't have the reference on me, but researching something for a Korean gender course in Uni, I remember finding an article saying that up until the 1980's at least, most doctors didn't even know that it was illegal either.

Oh and for the record, I hate Girl's Generation. I don't even know who that is in the first picture on James' post, but I want to punch her in the face. Rational? Not really. Psychopathic? Not quite. Ok so fair enough, I recognise the fact that they work hard (at being cream puffs) and put in the hard yards to perfect their dance routines etc, and they do well by working that whole 'complete package' angle - e.g. they have their main singers and backup singers/dancers all in one permanent group (unlike Super Junior who change their members sometimes) and they have so many members that they can cater to every man's tastes (as long as all they have a taste for is cute little girl dollies) and so can effectively corner a large portion of the K-pop appeal ratings, but their incessant innocent good girl image pisses me off every time I see them, sometimes even when I just hear their music (even their "Run Devil Run" 'bad' sides were pretty tame). It's not like it matters who it is anyway - there are so many of them they're pretty much interchangeable.

Seriously, if I'm in a bad mood, or you just want to irritate me beyond all reasonable reaction, use 애교 (aegyo - cutie pie language) at me. Probably make sure you aren't wearing anything flammable at the time.

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