Wednesday, July 13, 2011

By the way...

Just to add, for those of you in Cheongju, I'm pretty sure it was something at MJ's that made me so sick as that was the last place I went and where I started feeling ill. It was either that or the lime mojitos at Roadking (they are frozen so maybe they didn't defrost them properly?) because that was the only thing I had that was different to everyone else, none of whom got sick. I shudder to think what it was that made me ill there too - it must have either been the sliced lemon in my drink or even worse, the glass itself. And apparently MJ's is also a lot cleaner these days than it used to be too, which is a worrying comparison. So be careful Cheongju-ites!

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  1. i think it was probably the mojito because a bunch of us had gin and tonics with the lemon slices at MJs and i dont think anyone else suffered quite like you did.