Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Uh... really? Just... really???

I know it's the done thing (or rather was when she was the flavour of the month) to be harsh on Susan Boyle, but I really couldn't care less about her. Not necessarily in a bad way - she just registers zero interest on my radar of mildly entertaining things and has never even blipped, much like many overrated fads. Nevertheless, after opening an email from Transworld Publishers and seeing that she's already published her auto-biography, the first thing that came to mind was "Really??" What can she really have to say that is worth justifiying the death of a hundred trees to publish? "I was born unfortunately a little on the ugly side with a moderately beautiful voice (which surely would have been less lauded as beautiful had she not been so aesthetically unpleasant), was 'discovered', unsurprisingly was not ready for the fame of being thrown into the spotlight (basically as a freakshow), lost it all, had a nervous breakdown, and am now trying to ride what novelty fame I had by squeezing some last profit from the gullible few even more boring than myself that even I can't believe find me interesting". There, I said it for you Susan. Personally I agree that she was unkindly treated by the media, and it's not necessarily her fault that they seized on her and ran riot with it and she was very human and tried to go for the fame, but... really???

By the way, the Futurama episode "Attack of the Killer App" did a mean but funny take of Susan Boyle which is the only reason why her pointless excuse for the kind of book you buy someone who's so bland that you don't even know if you don't really like, but suspect you would willingly throw to the zombies because it would actually make them more interesting even caught my eye ㅋㅋㅋ

(sorry it's so low quality, it was the only clip I could find that I could embed. A higher quality clip can be found here.)

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