Friday, December 17, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Goddamnit.

It's snowing. I don't like snow. It's very pretty, when you're sitting inside somewhere warm and cosy, and there's nothing making you have to go outside in it, but when it's something you actually have to experience, it's cold, wet, makes everything slippery and dangerous and honestly, it's just bits of ice falling out of the sky. What's so magical about that? I get that some people find it enchanting and whatnot, but I'm not one of them. Unless I'm actually at a snowfield for the specific purpose of playing in the snow (fun for about 10 minutes until you get soaked) or snowboarding, etc, I can't see snow as fun.

I realise as I type that I sound like an awful sourpuss about it all, and I'm sorry to be making my first post in a long while so down, but really, I don't know why the snow is depressing me so much today of all days, but it is. Maybe it's because of the cold (this week we have had an average of minus 14 degree days). Maybe it's because I'm not a morning person at the best of times, and after seeing the latest Harry Potter film last night (which was awesome!!!!) and then making myself shower and wash my hair because I knew there was no way I was going to actually get up and out of bed in the morning at 6.30 when it's not even light outside to do it then meant that I didn't get to bed until 1am, so am very tired. Maybe it's because I have five regular classes today in our seven period day, one after-school class and have not really voluntarily given up my lunchtime to help the English club make paper decorations (which is my own fault for getting them started on it on Wednesday when I actually had the energy to be excited in a serious lack of foresight). And even though two of those classes are some of my sweetest first year girls, and we're only watching a movie in the others, the sheer number of students I will have seen today is an exhausting thought. Plus I've already watched the first 40 minutes of Home Alone 2 seven times this week and really can't be excited about either the prospect of watching it three more times or studying my TESOL coursework instead. But really, more than anything, or maybe in combination with the utter exhaustion I face the rest of today with, I think the snow is making me feel down simply because it's yet another reminder of how far away I am from home. It should be summer now dammnit!

Even though I've been here before around the same time and been in cold countries over (their) winter, I still don't really have the hang of dressing properly for cold, so I usually end up freezing, then slowly cooking in the over-heated classroom to a chorus of whiny teenagers whingeing "쌤!추워~~~~~ (teacher, it's cold!)" with a "쌤! 너무 뜨겁다! (teacher! too hot!)" accompaniement from the few kids sitting right under the heating air flow. I know it's cold, and I've already turned the heating on and it's at 30 degrees so what else do you want me to do??? Maybe if you don't want to be cold you shouldn't be outside having snowfights and stealing each other's shoes in the break. You can either enjoy the magic and wonder of being a kid or you can be warm and sensible and stay inside, not both.

Anyway, so students aside (usually they are more or less great, but sometimes they just drive me up the wall) the snow has more or less stopped for a break about now. I'll post photos later when I get home so you can see for yourself how utterly negative or spot on (depending on your point of view) I'm being about the whole thing. It's cold, it's weird, it's not home. Therefore I am sad. Actually, not sad, just in a bit of a black mood. Also, I think snow doesn't make me feel particularly happy because in Australia, when you see white stuff floating in the air during December, it's usually ashes from a bushfire. Bit hard to explain that one in Korean to my co-teachers when they ask why I'm not gushing about the pretty snowflakes. Also, seeing it now makes me think that I'll be doing this all over again at the same time next year too. Another black thought on a day that makes me homesick that also makes me wonder why the hell I signed up for a second year. Hopefully my trip home and quality time Down Undah will help me through this :)

Ok, so I guess I should try and end my rant on a positive note. Things that I'm looking forward to today that will make me feel calmer if not happier:
  • class 2-8. Although they are also something that I am not looking forward to because they are so noisy and exhausting, they are also my last regular class for the day and they always say something offbeat to make me laugh.
  • going home after school, knowing that I have a whole two glorious days before I have to be back again (even though I'm not really going to have any free time to actually appreciate them).
  • having a drink tonight with my mate Sueji at a friend's place. And then another. And then maybe a few more.
  • sleeping in tomorrow. I am a bit of a masochist in that on days I can actually sleep in, I like to set my alarm for 7 (the usual time I get up) just so I can wake up, look outside and see it's still dark and cold, then turn it off and go back to sleep.
  • going to the gym tomorrow because it will be in actual daylight. Haven't been in a week because it's cold and dark by the time I get home and now I feel like a slug.
  • going to Busan to celebrate my lovely friend Natalie's birthday!! Yay!!!!! ^_^ oh and crashing at Christy's because she actually gives me a pillow to sleep with as opposed to SOME! lol~
  • zipping up to Seoul on the KTX (there is no super fast train between Cheongju and Busan so I always have to bus it) to see my favourite Gokhale girls Hema and Sonali! DOUBLE YAY! Hopefully I won't be too hungover from Saturday night to appreciate them, although if Natalie is even conscious by the time I leave Busan I will be sorely disappointed :)
So yes, although there is also a list of other things that I have to get done that I don't face with any particular relish, and although today is a bit of a bummer, it heralds good things as well as bad. Namely, the miraculous ability of friends and a little alcohol to make you feel better :)

**edit: snow photos. eurrrrrrrkkkkkk.
starting to snow (actually the first snow about a week before this post)... grrrrr

about 3 minutes later

yes, those white things are snow. that's how big the flakes were.

the kids having their P.E. lesson in the snow on the actual day of posting while i take sneaky photos from a warm staffroom. hehe~

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