Monday, December 6, 2010

Thoughts of a Dying Atheist

.. not really. just thought i'd throw that song title in anyway because i love muse.

not quite dying, but i feel like i should be. got a horrible cold from SOMEONE... I'M GLARING AT YOU CHANEL! but actually it's been going around so it was only a matter of time. then and again, pretty much everyone who had contact with her last weekend seems to be ill... hmmm... :p luckily i don't have it too badly in that i'm not coughing up any blood or throwing up like some of the others. evidentally i look terrible enough to warrant a sick day from school though (although they are in our contracts, they're virtually non-existent in Korea) because as soon as i walked in to the staffroom today, my co-teacher took one look at me and started organising with my other co-teachers to take my classes for me, then got the vice principal's permission to send me home after a whole 26 minutes of being at work. seeing as i am also losing my voice, i probably wouldn't be able to run my classes very well today anyway. i have to add here that i love that she takes care of me, without me even needing to ask. last time i was really sick in may, she took me to the doctors, then looked up a recipe for chicken soup on the internet with my neighbour the school nutritionist and they made me a pot of it.

so here i am at home now, on the first of many cups of lemon tea i plan to subsist on today (seeing as i have no appetite and eating makes me feel gross and a little nauseated right now) in between some much needed sleeping. hopefully i can snooze this thing off.

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