Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday Warmth

Actually, there is because I only have two regular classes, one after school class and one English study group meeting so I have spent the majority of my day sitting in the warm staffroom, rather than my freezing cold classroom. Lucky for us teachers that the Principal's decision to 'save energy' by encouraging students to wear more underclothes and jackets doesn't extend to the teachers, but also that the cold snap came on very quickly this year as a lot of us were sick at the same time because last year the heating was on in his office a good week before ours and then the students had to wait another two weeks after that before the classrooms got any heating. I guess it's also indicative of the Korean education/student welfare system too that many of us bitch about where students get sent to school even if they're running a high fever as being present in the classroom should be sufficient to ensure some transfer of education apparently. Mind you, this also applies to adults - you should show up when you're sick to show how diligent you are, regardless of how close to collapse or infectious you are.

Anyway, not much is happening right now. Boyz II Men are having a concert in Seoul this weekend but sadly there aren't any worthwhile tickets left so I'll have to pass. On the upside, I've remembered how funny the comedy series Psych is.

Well that's about it, except for something funny to tickle your humour with :) It will only be funny to Harry Potter fans though, so sorry!

... and neither of them have GREEN eyes like in the book. Your life is a double lie Snape!
Oh and actually, a photo Christy sent me (official name: KBFF II or KBFF the second) that is absolutely adorable in it's llama-ness. Happy Llama-ing everyone! ^_^

Thought I saw a snowflake drifting down out of the horribly grey sky today as I walked home (around 5.15). Surprised it didn't melt in my glare (me not being a snow person as you may remember), but I thought I'd imagined it, thinking "well if it's raining, it's probably not dry enough to snow yet". The weather gadget on my computer says it's currently 2 degrees (celsius) and predicts scattered flurries though so maybe it is. Boo :(
I want a llama to cuddle! Or a fat Floss perhaps ^_^

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