Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Rainy Tuesday ㅠㅠ

An amazing talent to even make a buzzcut look hot!
Actually it's not - it was really foggy in the morning here and cold, but it seems to have all burned off in the afternoon sun. But it is raining in my heart at least, because today my husband Rain goes into the army. *sigh*... 가슴이 아파...('my heart is breaking') ㅠㅠ;;

But at least I got a few good videos of him at his last concert, which I have now uploaded to Youtube. Haha, that sounds almost pervy, I know ^__^

And sorry for the terrible sound quality in this first one - I think we were too close to the stage for such a loud song! ^_^

P.S. For those interested (few but myself I know) there is also another article summarising his successful career here at Seoulbeats. If you read it, the last comment is about the story that when he first auditioned for a recording company they told him that he'd never be successful because he didn't have the double eyelids so prized (and paid for) amongst many K-pop idols today.

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