Monday, October 10, 2011

It's Raining Rain!

 And I've never been happier!^__^

Or actually, sadder too because tomorrow (Tuesday, October 11th), my beloved husband Rain goes to the army to (finally) get started on his military service. It will be a long 18 months without him :( And yes, I know he's not classically K-pop idol good looking (as in, he's not girly and he doesn't have double eyelids) but that's exactly why I like him. Or rather, that's why I like him after the fact that he can actually sing AND dance and has some videos with some amazing choreography.

So to farewell his fans, he hosted a free concert on Sunday in Gangnam, Seoul, and of course I went! And it was pretty damn amazing! First of all that they closed down about 500m of one of the busiest streets in the area outside CoEx Mall and the KEPCO building (seriously, who else would they do that for??? NO-ONE!!!!! That's who!), and secondly of all because he really went all out to amaze, and didn't skimp on anything (except possibly clothes.. he could certainly have done with less of those...^^).

Oh Rain, you sexy beast you ^__^
What a waste of an opportunity!

 Oh and thirdly because he's very charismatic and has a great stage presence and his MC-ing between songs was genuinely funny - like teaching the audience dance moves for one song, and then stopping it because people weren't doing it enthusiastically enough and threatening to stop the whole concert until they joined in, or responding to chants of "Jeong Ji Hun!" (his name) with "네, 알겠어요." ("Yes, I hear you.")

He also made some lucky fangirl's day when he got her to come up on stage, sang a song to her, hugged her and gave her a huge teddy bear and flowers! But he was a little taken aback to find out she was in fact 20, not a high school student like he thought - appropriate crazy fangirl age! Michelle and I kept joking that he likes them young, because he also kept calling out to young girls (who of course went crazy!). He also was very awesome and told people off for pushing too much when he saw a woman with her 10 year old kid getting a bit squashed.

It was SO FRICKING AWESOME!!! Michelle and I got there at 6 (it started at 7) and luckily were just in time to jump on the end of a queue for free wristband tickets to get into the main central area right in front of the stage. Cali Amy came a few minutes later and ALL of the wristbands for all of the sections (there were 8000 people just in that bit alone apparently!) were gone but luckily found a really nice and sympathetic security guy who let her in since we were already in there. A bunch of contestants from Superstar K (the Korean version of Pop/Australian/American Idol) came on first to warm up with 널 붙잡는 노래 ('Love Song') and the whole crowd immediately surged forward, then muttered disappointingly, and of course when Rain actually came out everyone rushed forward again, so we got REALLY close. And then at the end he got into this cherry picker type thing and swung out over the crowd in our section so we were even closer - as in, close enough to see the sweat on his beautiful face! (The photo on the left is from that). Below are some photos from the concert, of course chosen by how sexy he looks ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ

Oh and lol, I told one of my co-workers about it today at lunch and she laughed and responded with "Oh, because you always use him in examples! I think you like large men, right?" (She's about 150cm and her husband is apparently not much taller). Haha, I guess I do ^__^

Videos to follow when Youtube finishes uploading.

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