Friday, June 24, 2011

The good, the bad, the ugly...

Ok, so as promised, instead of a rant, a blog praising some of my less aggravating students. And also about some of the funny things they say because I think that some of them are little geniuses! So the Korean education system doesn't encourage a great deal of creative thinking, and it certainly doesn't produce a lot of it. But I do, and although I don't condemn them for not being able to, I do love it when they genuinely come up with some funny and innovative stuff. Like lately, I've been getting my second year students to make their own magic product, and some of the things they've come up with have been hilarious. As well as the usual stuff made with the vocabulary I've given them, there have been a few that have ventured outside the box and come up with some really good stuff. Although I don't know why, but a lot of them seem to like making skin creams with snails in them because they are slimy and have soft skin. I feel like I've seen an ad for something like that at Skin food or something. Anyway, enjoy!

My favourites from class 2-4 (girls):
~ Snack Wings! Secret ingredient: angel's tears. It will make you fly, you will have wonderful wings and it will be very delicious and healthy!
~ Super duper hot diet spray! Secret ingredient: unicorn's horn. It will make your fat be gone, it will make your body like a Hollywood stars', it will make you many boyfriends and you will smell like Queen Elizabeth!
~ Transform energy drink! Secret ingredient: bear toe nails, sheep's fur, apple leaves and deer blood. It will give you super powers and you will change, you will transform into animals, it will be a mystery drink and you should buy it because it will be cheap!

Class 2-5 (boys):
~ God body spray! Secret ingredients: God's hair, my gas, Tae-Hee's tooth. It will make you invisible, you will be able to go everywhere, it will make you  happy and it will make you very interesting!
~ Smile Happy Spray! Secret ingredient: shark tooth. It will make you feel so good, you will smile every day!
~ Beckham hair cream! Secret ingredient: Beckham's hair. It will make your hair like Beckham's hair style, you will play soccer very well, it will make you handsome, it will be awesome!
~ Soccer Energy Bar! Secret ingredient: frog's legs - tagline: kick like a frog! It will be very delicious, you will be able to do trick shots, you will be a soccer star and it will be discounted next week!

Funny ingredients have included:
Dragon Spray (to make your own dragon): iron 10%, soul 60%, black dragon fin 20%, hellfire 5%, gold 5%.
Special diet cream: sugar, solid magma, dragon's hair, snake's blood.
Junjae energy smart drink (the boys who made it are named Jun-Yeong and Jae-Hyeon): mouse tails, cow eyes, batwings, people blood.

Other great stuff they've produced (all second year I'm afraid - as mentioned earlier, I think that there is seriously something wrong with this year's first years, or perhaps it's the parenting that's behind it) is from the week before's activity of writing instructions to do something. These were my favourites from class 2-7:

In other news, it's Friday! Yay! It's raining quite a bit here (which I actually quite like) so it's not as steamy as usual, and since I don't seem to have quite kicked the kidney infection yet, the slightly lower temperature (and lots of Nurofen and water) is something I'm very happy about since it means I can actually eat hot food without ending up in a monsoon of my own sweat. On the upside, because I was so damp from sweat (post-hot shower), it did prevent me from accidentally setting myself on fire the other day when I turned my hibachi thing (portable gas stove that runs on canisters of butane gas) on so I shouldn't say it's all bad. The story: the spark didn't ignite so I thought the gas had run out. To test this, I tried triggering it again, but didn't think my way through it enough to turn the gas off first, hence a very beautiful bloom of fire up my chest and into my face and me screeching like a manic chicken. And ...yes, I'm that stupid.

Also, I'm having a Summer Christmas with some other Southern Hemisphererers tomorrow (since none of us were sufficiently impressed at having a winter Christmas last year with snow) so I am excited! In fact, with the rain and the heat, it's quite like the last couple of Christmases at home have been - thanks global warming! But sadly, I might not be able to truly represent as an Aussie by wearing thongs (flip flops to you North Americans with dirty minds) as I am currently both excited and disgusted at the same time by the present state of my feet. I tried the foot peeling pack from the Face Shop last Saturday when I was in Busan with mum and dad (mum tried one too!) and as promised, the dead skin has been peeling off to reveal the 'baby feet skin' underneath. While quite impressive, it's also been quite gross, and my feet now look like they have selective leprosy. I've been wearing socks everywhere (not fun in the 32 degree heat we had at the start of the week) to limit the amount of dead skin sloughing off my footsies onto the floor that I keep finding everywhere, and I've been scrubbing them every time I have a shower, but I still have to shake out my bedding (I tend to kick the socks off in the night) and vacuum every day anyway. Mine was 7000 won, but they also have them at Nature Republic for 4000 won and apparently at Tony Moly too.

Oh, and I also bought the 'Secret Garden' manhwa (만화 - comic book) to try and a) help my Korean and b) actually get me interested in dramas, since everyone seems to have loved this one. So hopefully I will have the time this weekend to get started on it and it will be a good incentive to improve my Korean. Anyway, happy Friday everyone! Hope y'all have brilliant weekends ^_^

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