Thursday, May 19, 2011

Calippo Calippo Calippo

Dude. Seriously. Why are there so many people looking for pictures of Calippos??? If you don't know what a Calippo is, it's a fruity ice-block in a cardboard tube, and also apparently the main search word for people coming to my blog. Looking at my stats, "calippo" (and various mis-spellings) and "calippo ice-cream" were the top six search words leading to my blog, as well as the actual name of my blog and for some reason "ballerina loves ninja". I have no idea what the last one was linking to but there you go. Oh and "beast li gi gwang sexy" came in at sad number seven^^

Another K-star I like: Kim Su-Hyeon, better known as Song Sam-Dong in "Dream High" (a Korean drama featuring pretty much all of JYP's idol-flock as well as himself). Thanks to Michelle for introducing me to it! I'm not a fan of dramas in general (can't stand the terrible acting and highly improbably situations that they are entirely serious about) but this one is manageable, mostly because of Su-Hyeon. I have to admit, as cute as he is, I liked his shaggy hair look at the start of the drama when he was the dorky country boy dancing in a costume made out of a rice-sack best (briefly seen at about 0:20)^^

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