Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Still cold...

Still freezing actually. Why is my school such a frigid icy wind tunnel??? It snowed again yesterday, probably just for Lara. On the upside, two weeks from today I'll be hopefully getting my sunburn on ^_^

Incidentally, "Sunburn" is one of my favourite Muse songs. Just thought I'd let you know that useless fact :)

Had the second parents class today, with a grand total of two. Actually, it was a grand total of one parent, Yu-Mi, as the other one was her daughter that she'd clearly dragged along, but at least we had more fun without the grumpy ones and the daughter, Hee-Jin, who is a high-school student, also has good enough English to be able to help her mum out. Played plural noun Go Fish and Yu-Mi won both times!

Random student quote for the day from yesterday when I was asking the students to introduce themselves (forgot to add it to yesterday's entry) by telling everyone their name, their English name and something interesting about themselves or something no-one else knows/a secret:

"Hello, my name is Dae-Ho. I have no secrets. Sorry."
"My Korean name is Hyeon-Jeong. My English name is ... Hyeon-Jeong."
"Hello, my name is Byeon So-Yeong. My nickname is Byeon-So. This means 'toilet'."

haha, precious ^^

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